Volunteer Spotlight: Robert and Sue Postle


Volunteer Spotlight: Robert and Sue Postle

Bob and Sue have been SourcePoint Meals on Wheels volunteers for 18 years. In that time, they have contributed over 3,000 hours and driven nearly 6,500 miles delivering meals, primarily in the City of Delaware. Sue has been a volunteer for OhioHealth/Riverside hospice for 10 years. Sue spent 20 years caring for her elderly parents and childless aunts and uncles. She credited Meals on Wheels with making it possible for her to provide the care that kept her family members out of long-term care facilities. When Sue neared retirement age and found herself with more free time, she and Bob made the commitment to return the favor by becoming Meals on Wheels volunteers. In 17 years, they served about 8,000 hot lunches to homebound seniors.

Having supported her own family members through their end-of-life, Sue turned her attention to strangers who were facing death without significant family support. As an “11th Hour” volunteer, she received special training to know the signs and symptoms to expect at end-of-life. Sue continues to be a comforting presence for individuals who would otherwise face dying alone.

Bob gives his time on Sundays to facilitate religious education for adults at Powell Methodist Church. Outside of church, he is an avid donor and advocate for the fundraising website, Donors Choose. He uses the website to provide financial support to classroom projects in Columbus City Schools that are in need of funding and encourages awareness by giving out gift cards for the website.

Bob and Sue donated the iconic Bicentennial Barn that faces I-71 and the half-acre land on which it sits to Preservation Parks. Their cooperation and assistance with the sale of their family farm to the park system preserved a beautiful piece of land in a heavily developed part of the county. The Postles then signed on to be park volunteers to continue the efforts to create and maintain trails and wetlands for the enjoyment of future generations.

Bob and Sue’s nature is to be low-profile servants who lead by example. With their long and varied service, Bob and Sue have shown that just two sets of footprints can leave a big impression, and we are honored they have chosen to donate their time, talents, and treasure to SourcePoint.

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