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We rely heavily on a community of volunteers to implement our programs, including in-home care, nutrition services, and enrichment center support. SourcePoint welcomes adults, families, and community groups to apply.

Begin Your Volunteer Journey

Every new volunteer must submit an online application and attend an orientation class. Orientations are typically held once a month and include a presentation, tour, and fingerprinting (if required). Upcoming orientation dates will be listed at the conclusion of your online application. Begin your SourcePoint volunteer journey today. Click below to apply!

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Resources for Current Volunteers
Resources for Current Volunteers

Important volunteer forms, policies, timesheets, online training library, and more.
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Contact Our Recruiter
Contact Our Recruiter

Jill Smith
Volunteer Recruiter

Featured Volunteer Positions

Cafe 55 Assistant

Café 55 volunteers bring joy to SourcePoint’s dining center on Cheshire Road. They clean off tables, assist diners with signing up and paying for meals, and carry trays when necessary. After lunch, they wipe down the tables and keep everything in order, creating a clean and pleasant atmosphere for diners. Volunteers enjoy a free lunch during their shift.

Kitchen Assistant

Kitchen assistants work alongside SourcePoint’s chefs to prepare, pack, and serve 800 meals a day for Meals on Wheels and Community Cafes. They are mostly morning people who enjoy the camaraderie of a team and the bustling environment of a kitchen

Meals on Wheels Driver

Volunteers deliver a hot lunch and optional cold dinner to homebound seniors in Delaware County, providing safety checks and smiles to grateful clients.

Fitness or Aquatics

Provide a friendly greeting while assisting members with signing in at the fitness center or using the equipment, and keep a watchful eye at the aquatics center. 

Home Helper/Chores

Home Helper volunteers assist senior clients with tasks inside and outside their homes, such as changing lightbulbs, caulking windows, light housekeeping, yardwork, etc. Volunteers choose, from a list of requests, the chores that best suit their skill set.

Home Chores Volunteer
Medical Transportation

Volunteers use their personal vehicle to transport homebound seniors to crucial medical appointments. The volunteer typically stays at the appointment location before transporting the client back to his or her home. Clients are extremely grateful and mileage reimbursement is available.

More Volunteer Opportunities
Activity Assistant
Art Assistant
Café 55
Line Server
Cafe 55 Assistant
Class Leader
Caregiver Relief Companion
Catering Volunteer
Community Outreach Volunteer
Ensure Deliveries
Distribution Volunteer
Farmers’ Market
Ensure Delivery Volunteer
Activity Assistant
Farmers Market Volunteer
Gift Shop
Fitness or Aquatics Volunteer
Office Assistant
Ensure Delivery Volunteer
Matter of Balance
Farmers Market Volunteer
Meals on Wheels
Drive-Thru Attendant
Fitness or Aquatics Volunteer
Meals on Wheels
Route Prep Attendant

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