Community Guidelines

SourcePoint’s mission is to help our community set a course to live well after 55. Our values as an organization, such as respect, compassion, and advocacy, are reflected in everything we do, including our communications with individuals online. We want everyone to feel welcome, respected, and informed when interacting with SourcePoint and engaging others in our social space.

We want to hear from you! For that reason, we’ve developed community guidelines describing what behaviors are—and are not—acceptable when posting on our website and social media accounts. Our guidelines can be boiled down to one simple statement: Please treat each other with respect.

Play Nice

We encourage our followers to have conversations about the issues that matter to them in a way that is constructive, civil, and builds community. Be considerate of other viewpoints. If you disagree with someone, please leave it at that and avoid escalating the discussion.

Remember that comments are public and visible to all users. Please do not post comments that discriminate against or insult others. Do not make threats. (That’s illegal!)

Keep It Clean

Please keep all comments family friendly. Do not use profanity or post inappropriate photos or graphics. Users are expected to respect and protect the rights of others and we appreciate your help in keeping our online community safe for all.

Keep It Private

Additionally, do not post private information, such as a personal email address or medical history. If you need to contact a SourcePoint staff member to discuss personal details pertaining to your needs, please call us directly at 740-363-6677.

SourcePoint reserves the right to remove posts and comments that violate our community guidelines. Please note that the social platform’s official terms of use ultimately governs all.

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