My Communicator

My Communicator is a 32-page, full-color newspaper for Delaware County adults ages 55 and older, as well as their families. It boasts a print circulation of about 5,000 issues and is available for pick-up at over 50 locations throughout the county, including SourcePoint, libraries, senior living communities, health care facilities, and other nonprofit organizations. It is also available online at and

2022 Volunteer Impact Report

This report is a celebration of the great work done by SourcePoint volunteers in 2022.

2021-2023 Services Directory

Published every three years, the directory is a guide to Delaware County resources relating to the health and wellness of older adults and family caregivers.

Browse the digital version below or use the searchable online index here.

2022 Annual Report

SourcePoint’s 2022 annual report tells a lot about our organization and the people behind it, but it says more about the needs of the people we serve.

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