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Motocycle club

By Jill Smith

Behind the Scenes Team

Enrichment Center volunteer, Harold Dursik, comes from a family that he says is “90% military.” His whole life he was told by his family, “Never volunteer for anything!” A retired machine operator for railroads, Harold came to Delaware County to be near grandchildren. Harold played in bands in his younger years and ran his church’s soundboard for twenty-five years. After attending a band concert at SourcePoint, he ignored the niggling inner voice and asked community engagement coordinator, Marilyn Clark, if she had anyone to help set up for the bands. With that, the role of “Behind the Scenes Team” was born – with Harold as the debut volunteer.

The next volunteer to take on that assignment was Jim Goddard, who offered up his photography skills to document the goings-on at the center.

Motorcyclist on a Mission

Harold continued to toss out his family’s advice when he mentioned to Marilyn that there might be SourcePoint members interested in forming a motorcycle club. Again, Harold was tapped to lead this new endeavor. A rider since 1975, he started “Ride After 55” with a meeting to gauge interest. Four individuals came for the meeting then eight showed up for their first ride. By the end of the season, they had twelve riders. They ride from May through September, until several members leave for a warmer climate.

Amongst the club’s members are widowers charting new territory without their spouses. “The club became an informal support group for grieving men,” says Caregiver Coordinator, Brian Fox. “Riding with others created a tremendous support system.” Other club members included new retirees finding their footing without their careers and several women who enjoy riding their bikes in the company of a group.

Word spread about the club, bringing in new members to SourcePoint. Typical rides last about an hour and a half, with a stop at a museum or other attraction, followed by a meal and then a conversation that can last for several hours. “We just enjoy going out there and riding,” says Harold.

As club leader Harold’s role is to plan two rides a month and communicate the details to the club members. Harold’s foresight and willingness to volunteer fulfills SourcePoint’s mission of ending isolation by creating engagement opportunities for seniors – one biker at a time. “Once you get out on that bike,” Harold says. “It’s a different world.”

Peer-to-Peer Support Groups

Harold isn’t the only SourcePoint volunteer who chooses to utilize their skills and experiences by creating new volunteer assignments. Longtime caregivers, Jan Hoover and Leslie Menges joined forces to create the role of “Caregiver Peer Leader.” They use their experiences caring for loved ones to guide others facing the same circumstance by leading a twice-monthly support group.

Filling a Void

Volunteer Judy Titus saw a need for beginning line dance classes. She enlisted Marianne Earl to volunteer with her to bring this vision to life. The classes grew quickly and now several sessions are offered each quarter including classes for beginners, advanced, and multi-levels.

Wine Tasting Club

Marilyn Clark mentioned to volunteers Jean Packard and Sharon Maggard that members might enjoy a wine-tasting club. These ladies embraced the idea and ran with it. They cleverly named the group, “Let’s Wine About It,” and continue to plan and participate one day a month for a local outing.

Sharing Time, Talents, and Skills

When Dee Vaigl attended volunteer orientation, she offered up her services as a graphic designer, and thus began a smartly designed volunteer newsletter, “The Pulse.”

If you have a vision for a new program, club, service, or class let us know! SourcePoint’s programming remains fresh and relevant thanks to our tremendously talented volunteers.

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