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Volunteer Spotlight

As the calendar pages turn and the milestone of 65 approaches, many people may find themselves reflecting on the passage of time, worrying about the significance of reaching this birthday. For some, it may be a moment marked by reluctance and a fear of aging. Yet, there are those rare souls who greet this milestone with open arms, embracing the journey ahead with a spirit of adventure and enthusiasm. Meet Carmenza Gutierrez, a vibrant woman whose approach to turning 65 is nothing short of inspirational.

Helping People, Changing Lives

3 Health Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteers make an immeasurable difference in people’s lives and often serve to help others. Did you know that volunteering can benefit your health as well? The good news is that you don’t need to be a philanthropist or senator to enhance or create change in your community. Your actions, big or small, can help others and benefit your health.

Research has shown that volunteering offers significant health benefits, especially for older adults, including:

1. Improves physical and mental health.
Volunteer activities keep people moving and thinking at the same time. Research has found that volunteering among adults, age 60 and over, provided benefits to physical and mental health. Volunteers report better physical health than nonvolunteers. Research also has shown that volunteering leads to lower rates of depression and anxiety, especially for people 65 and older.

Volunteering reduces stress and increases positive, relaxed feelings by releasing dopamine. By spending time in service to others, volunteers report feeling a sense of meaning and appreciation, both given and received, which can have a stress-reducing effect.

Reduced stress further decreases the risk of some physical and mental health problems, such has heart disease, stroke, depression, anxiety and general illness. In addition, people who volunteer have lower mortality rates than those who do not, even when controlling for age, gender and physical health.

2. Provides a sense of purpose and teaches valuable skills.
The work that volunteers provide is essential to everyday activities, giving volunteers a sense of purpose, especially when giving their time and talent in the areas they find meaningful. Older volunteers experience greater increases in life satisfaction and self-esteem.

3. Nurture new and existing relationships.
Volunteering increases social interaction and helps build a support system based on common interests. One of the best ways to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships is to participate in a shared activity.

In many cases, volunteers have diverse backgrounds, which helps expand their social network and allows them to practice social skills with others.

People volunteer for different reasons, such as exploring careers, sharpening skills, staying active during retirement, meeting new people and serving their communities. Yet all volunteers share a common desire to improve the health and welfare of people in their communities.

Source: | Angela Thoreson, LICSW

A Message from Fara

Celebrating Milestone Birthdays: Honoring the Lives and Contributions of Our Volunteers

Dear Volunteers,

As we journey through life, certain milestones stand out as significant markers of time and achievement. Among these, milestone birthdays hold a special place, serving as both a reflection of past accomplishments and a celebration of the future. In our volunteer community, these occasions are especially meaningful as they offer an opportunity to honor the lives and contributions of those who give so much to others.

Open Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization. If you would like to try a new volunteer role (or know others who want to join you), here are some great volunteer opportunities that have open positions:

Medical Transportation: Transport seniors to medical appointments from their home and back. Mileage reimbursement, flexible scheduling, and you choose which appointments to accept!

Meals on Wheels Delivery: Deliver hot lunches once a week between 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Mileage reimbursement and free lunch! Volunteer the same day once a week. Most routes start and end at SourcePoint.

Meals on Wheels Runner/Packer: Pack meals into coolers and load them into vehicles to be delivered.

Fitness Desk/Aquatics Desk Attendant: Monitor the fitness area or pool area for 2-hour shifts. Fitness desk volunteers may work out during shifts!

East Entrance Greeter: Greet members and guests as they enter the building and direct them to program areas. Volunteers may sit or stand.

Activity Partner: Participate in SourcePoint activities alongside an individual who may require some assistance. Flexible schedule!

Café 55 Assistants: Help people carry their trays to their table, carry drinks, and clean tables afterward.

Café 55 Line Server: Fill trays at lunchtime in the café.

For questions, or to sign up for any of the opportunities listed above, please contact volunteer recruiter, Denise Kilton at or 740-203-2368.

Denise Kilton
Denise Kilton

Volunteer Recruiter
(740) 203-2368


If you know someone who would be a great addition to the SourcePoint volunteer team, please share this e-newsletter and invite them to attend an upcoming Volunteer Orientation. We are always ready to add new volunteers to our awesome volunteer force.

It is volunteer time, talent, and efforts that help make Delaware County the place to “Thrive After 55” and SourcePoint the wonderful organization it is. Thank you for all you do!

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