Tech Talk: Android Apps – Spyware Threats

By Jarren Ringle Please note, I am not writing this article to […]

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Tech Talk: Tech Safety

By Jarren Ringle Do you ever worry about someone stealing your identity?  […]

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Caregiver Corner: More Support Group Dates, Increased Flexibility, Affirmations Writing Workshop, and Dinner on Us!

August 2023 — I’m coming through this month with another banter-lite newsletter […]

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Grow Your Social Network as You Age

Friends sitting around a table, talking, and laughing. A touch on the […]

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Tech Talk: Fraud & Scams

Fraud & Scams: Things Are Not Getting Better By Jarren Ringle I’ve […]

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Tech Talk: Updates Are Very Important

By Jarren Ringle Your technology has long been a target for being […]

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Tech Talk: Artificial Intelligence – Good? Bad? Yes!

By Jarren Ringle AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the development of […]

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Medicare News: Getting the Most Out of Your Medicare Advantage Plan

You’ve signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan. You know how much […]

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Caregiver Corner: Thinking Beyond the 5 Stages of Grief

If it’s okay with all of you, this week I’d like to […]

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Financial Spring Cleaning

Now that we’ve put winter behind us — at least on the […]

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