Is there a cost for services?

Eligibility for in-home care services is based on need, not income. Services are available on a sliding fee scale, so copays differ for each client based on financial circumstances.

We have two options to determine your copay amount:

One option is to look at your monthly income (minus any medical expenses) and your assets (such as savings, stocks, etc., excluding the home you live in and your vehicle). Your actual copay will be determined during your initial home visit and will be based on the services you need and the information you provide to the care consultant.

Some individuals choose the second option – to sign a waiver which eliminates the need to share financial information with the care consultant. We understand people may prefer to keep their financial information private and we respect that choice. Those who sign a financial waiver pay the full cost of their services.

Regardless of the option you choose, your care consultant will assess your needs and coordinate all of your services at no cost to you.

SourcePoint offers a wide range of services, some of which do not have a cost associated with them, such as our volunteer chore and volunteer transportation.

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