16. What are the perks of being a SourcePoint volunteer?

A really cool t-shirt, new friends, good feelings about how you spend […]

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17. Is there a minimum number of hours a volunteer is required to serve?

No, however, it is typical for most volunteers to serve a weekly […]

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15. Can I bring a friend/spouse along with me when I volunteer?

While a friend/spouse can sign a confidentiality waiver and ride along on […]

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14. Can I bring my children or grandchildren with me when I volunteer?

Children may accompany adult volunteers on Meals on Wheels and Ensure Deliveries […]

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13. I’d like to have a driving assignment, but gas is expensive. What are my options for mileage reimbursement?

Volunteer drivers have three options: to be fully reimbursed for mileage at […]

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12. Do volunteers who deliver Meals on Wheels, Ensure, or take seniors to medical appointments use their own vehicle or drive a SourcePoint vehicle?

Volunteers use their own vehicles. Please refer to our FAQs for Volunteer […]

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10. Do I have to find my own substitute when I can’t fulfill my volunteer commitment?

No. Your volunteer supervisor will plan for another volunteer or staff member […]

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11. What happens if I need to call off?

Simply inform your volunteer supervisor of your pending absence. Options for this […]

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7. Do volunteers receive training?

Yes. After orientation, new volunteers are connected with their volunteer supervisor for […]

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9. What is the orientation/onboarding process like?

After filling out an application, prospective volunteers must either attend an in-person […]

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