NASW-OH Agency of the Year Nomination


SourcePoint is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides comprehensive aging services for Delaware County, Ohio. We were founded in 1992 with one goal—to help local seniors live safely at home and avoid premature nursing home care and long waitlists. Today, we do that and much more.

At the heart of our organization are in-home care services. Available to county residents ages 55 and older, our in-home care program is an innovative approach to providing more effective, person-centered services. Services are overseen by a team of licensed social workers and counselors called care consultants. Care consultants work one-on-one with each client to customize a plan of needed services.

Our care consultants uphold the Code of Ethics and SourcePoint has a policy in place to support the code. Many care consultants are members of NASW, keeping our organization apprised of important advocacy efforts, cutting-edge ideas, and high-quality resources.

Advocacy efforts extend beyond our team of social workers; throughout the organization, we have team members who advocate and provide feedback at the local, state, and national levels regarding services, policy, reimbursement rates, and more. 

In recent years, SourcePoint’s in-home care program has expanded in innovative ways. Our First In Response Service Team, or FIRST, places service coordinators in local fire and EMS stations. By partnering directly with first responders, we are in a better position to address the needs of older adults who frequently rely on the fire department for assistance with non-emergency issues. 

SourcePoint also places care consultants in select senior living communities, assigning a social worker a certain number of hours to work within the community itself to coordinate services for residents.

SourcePoint is an equal opportunity employer, striving to create a positive, inclusive workplace for our employees. As an organization dedicated to serving all of Delaware County’s older adults, SourcePoint is committed to fighting against inequality as part of our work to help residents live their best lives. We have a Team for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, or TIDE, committee whose purpose is to guide SourcePoint in this commitment.

We are truly a unique nonprofit organization, bringing a wide variety of aging services and expertise together under one roof, with the purpose of fulfilling our mission: To help our community set a course to live well after 55.

Agencies of the Year Award honors agencies that best exemplify social work values in the field. Using best practices to make positive change in their communities.

Criteria: The agency should promote and uphold NASW standards and Code of Ethics; develop and implement innovative approaches for the provision of more effective services; make a significant contribution to a population of concern to the social work profession (i.e. advocacy for consumers or social workers, impact on social policy, exceptional program and program creation, excellent administrative development, innovative research, etc.); and have a diversity of employees that reflects their clientele and/or has a policy that implements culturally competent and anti-racist practice.

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