Making Sense of Medicare: Part D Reform


Were you aware of the new Medicare Part D reform that placed a cap of around $3,300 on prescription out-of-pocket costs for all Medicare Part D drugs starting in January 2024? 

Once this max is met your prescription out-of-pocket costs will be zero for the remainder of the calendar year.   You do not need to keep track of this amount as your Part D carrier will do it for you.   You can review your monthly summary of benefits to see what amount has been paid year-to-date each month.  In 2025 the Out-of-Pocket max will fall to $2,000.00.  Starting in 2025, Part D enrollees may spread out their out-of-pocket costs over the year rather than face high out-of-pocket costs in any given month.  More details on how this will work will be released later.

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