Caregiver Corner: Caregiver Recognition, Grief Workshop, and New Companion Program


October 2023– Happy October, Scaregivers! I’ll try not to spook you with too much information.

You may already know that preparations are underway for next month’s National Family Caregiver Recognition events and that Oct 23rd marks the return of Thinking Beyond the 5 Stages, a six-week grief workshop for current and former caregivers but there is one ongoing project I am particularly excited about. It’s a little complicated though, so bear with me…

See, SourcePoint has upwards of 90+ different activities going on any given day, ranging from discussion groups, art courses, wellness exercises, music, and more — but none of that does a whole lot of good if you can’t leave your care receiver’s side for even a short while at a time.

Likewise, your care receivers are just as unlikely to get out and try new things or stay connected to the hobbies they loved before a disability made it more difficult if you aren’t the ones taking them to and from each session.

What if a program could match existing SourcePoint members and caring volunteers from the community who share a similar interest with your care receiver — similar to a volunteer senior companion program but with access to a whole community center’s entire course catalog? Actually, I guess it’s not really all that complicated when you just list it all out like that.

So, here’s my ask:

Contact me by phone, email, or during my Drop-in Hours (M, W, F from 10-4) and help me get to know the loved one you are caring for. We’ll get them paired up with their new Care Partner who shares a similar interest, and we’ll all take a look at what schedules might work for everyone to come around for a good block of hours and try out some activities together.

All that we ask is that you as the caregiver stay on hand in the building. While at SourcePoint, you would be free to experience whichever activity of your choosing or just catch your breath and do absolutely nothing (for-the-first-time-in-forever-probably) while your loved one is in safe hands.

One last favor? Could you spread the word to your places of employment and worship that we are looking for additional volunteers to get matched with folks?

While you’re taking a minute to get signed up for whichever events sound doable and fun you could also give this quarter’s My Communicator a read. The spotlight is on caregivers, so I tried my best to relay some of the lived experiences I’ve encountered getting to know each of you. Thank you as always for sharing your stories.

Support groups, free classes and workshops, and one-on-one consultations are available for family caregivers of any age who live in Delaware County, as well as those who are caring for a loved one who lives in the county. To learn more visit Or schedule a private discussion with Caregiver Program Coordinator, Brian Fox. Brian can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 740-203-2399.

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