🌳 Age-Friendly Outdoor Spaces & Buildings

We envision a community with safe, accessible places for people to gather and engage.


We heard from older adults that many Delaware County public spaces do not have a place to rest, making them less accessible. Benches that are fitted with handrails are a simple way to provide support and stability to those that require a little extra help with getting up and down on a bench.

⫸ Preservation Parks Delaware County replaced and modified 25 benches with age-friendly handrails throughout the county.


We heard parking is often not nearby, steps or stairs are unavoidable, and many differently-abled individuals do not use assistive devices but still have mobility concerns.

⫸ Dela-WHERE to Park Map – A guide to downtown Delaware’s underutilized parking lots and street parking to ease congestion and frustration. MAP

Outdoor Spaces & Buildings Focused Projects Coming Soon:

  • Partner with local downtown businesses and Main Street Delaware to implement an Age-Friendly Business program.
  • Create a color-coded quadrant map of the county that includes all natural and paved trails, noting Preservation Parks, community municipalities, restrooms, parking, and accessibility.
  • Partner with Central Ohio Symphony to provide a shuttle service to shows from on-campus lots.
  • Partner with Lifelong Learning Institute to provide transportation to classrooms from on-campus lots.
  • Improve standards for crosswalk lighting and audio signals. Promote safety, including the removal of low-hanging branches and misaligned or broken sidewalks. Walk Audit results coming soon!

Discover More Age-Friendly Focus Areas:

🗣 Communication & Information

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community Engagement

🩺 Community Support, Health & Safety

🏡 Housing

🚌 Transportation

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